Vagabond: Wandering through Africa on faith



“There are ways of arriving in a new country: You should know where you are going, have your first few nights’ accommodation booked, be able to converse in the lingua franca and have a bottomless bank account – or enough saving to make cash the least of your problems. This is the way of the well-organised and cash-savvy. I’m not this person. I arrive in Dakar at 3.30am on a ‘dental floss’ budget; I don’t know anyone, and my seven-word French vocabulary doesn’t include ‘please help me. Go ahead and tell me I am idiot. I aim stronger words at myself.”
And so begins Lerato Mogoatlhe’s story of her travels through twenty-one countries in Africa. Vagabond is a poetic, raw and honest diary of how a planned three-month trip around West Africa turns into living on the road for five years. From living in Timbuktu to hanging out with one of her favourite artists, Habib Koite, Vagabond is a love letter of Lerato’s discovery of herself, her home, Africa, and its people that readers will experience through her uncensored curiosity and her unbridled passion for Africa. It’s been called Africa’s answer to Eat Pray Love, and lauded for its humour and her compelling story-telling. Through its pages, we have an intimate encounter with Africa, where miracles and surprises loom around the corner and every moment infused with magic.
You’ll laugh with Lerato and at her. You’ll cringe and want to accost her devil-may-care attitude and ultimately be inspired by her determination to know the continent of her birth on her own terms.


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